CH, 2022, 8’, French / English
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In times of body positive movements this film pays tribute to the mainstream representation of the male body which the director has a love-hate relationship with. Through a series of gleaned images from the internet and elsewhere (“net found footage”), our cultural obsession with unrealistic beauty standards is put into question.


Directing, editing, sound, screenplay & voice over: AGM

Production: HEAD – Genève (Cinema Department)

Producers: Nicolas Wadimoff, Delphine Jeanneret

Sound mixing: François Wolf

Music: Lucas Innocenti, Esteban Mercier

Post-production supervision: Lorin Wüscher

This film was made during a first year Bachelor workshop led by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, with the contribution of Guillaume Lillo.


• 6th Locarno Shorts Weeks (01.02-29.02.2024)
︎︎︎February 01-29.02.2024 on VOD


• 75th Locarno Film Festival (03-13.08.2022) (World Premiere)
︎Locarno, Switzerland

51st Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal (05-16.10.2022)
︎Montreal, Canada

• 28th Geneva International Film Festival (04-13.11.2022)
︎Geneva, Switzerland

• 11th Kyiv International Short Film Festival (17-22.11.2022)
︎Kyiv, Ukraine

• 28th Festival du film LGBTQI & +++ de Paris Chéries-Chéris (19-29.11.2022)
︎Paris, France

• 58th Solothurn Film Festival (18-25.01.2023)
︎Solothurn, Switzerland

• 39th Wicked Queer: Boston’s LGBTQ+ Film Festival (31.03-09.04.2023)
︎Boston, United States

• 14th LGBT+ Film Festival Poland (14-21.04.2023)
︎Warsaw, Poland

• 7th Hacker Porn Film Festival (26-30.04.2023)
︎Rome, Italy

• 20th IndieLisboa International Film Festival (27.04-07.05.2023)
︎Lisbon, Portugal

• 2nd Brussels Porn Film Festival (04-07.05.2023)
︎Brussels, Belgium

• 50th Concordia Film Festival (05-07.05.2023)
︎Montreal, Canada

• 11th Festival artistique des affects, des genres et des sexualités (18-21.05.2023)
︎Lausanne, Switzerland

• 9th Espacio Queer: Festival de Cine sobre Diversidad Sexual y Género (06-11.06.2023)
︎La Plata, Argentina

• 2nd Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw (13-18.06.2023)
︎Warsaw, Poland

• 19th CinéPride Nantes (13-18.06.2023)
︎Nantes, France

• 27th Festival Mix: Cine y Diversidad Sexual (07-30.06.2023)
︎Mexico City, Mexico

• 71st Melbourne International Film Festival (03-20.08.2023)
︎Melbourne, Australia

• 22nd Festival Silhouette (25.08-02.09.2023)
︎Paris, France

• 34th Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (08-23.09.2023)
︎Hong Kong, China

• 10th Kreivės Vilnius Queer Festival (14-18.09.2023)
︎Vilnius, Lithuania

• 6th Le Fesses-tival (21-24.09.2023)
︎Geneva, Switzerland

• 13th Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (26.09-01.10.2023)
︎Bucharest, Romania

• 16th Luststreifen Film Festival Basel (05-08.10.2023)
︎Basel, Switzerland

• 10th Everybody’s Perfect (06-15.10.2023)
︎Geneva, Switzerland

• 42nd Uppsala Short Film Festival (23-29.10.2023)
︎Uppsala, Sweden

• 18th Porn Film Festival Berlin (24-29.10.2023)
︎Berlin, Germany

• 21st Pink Screens Film Festival (09-18.11.2023)
︎Brussels, Belgium

• 25th FILMAR en América Latina (17-26.11.2023)
︎Geneva, Switzerland

• 11th Porny Days (29.11-03.12.2023)
︎Zürich, Switzerland

• 15th Merlinka Festival (07-10.12.2023)
︎Belgrade, Serbia

• 19th Courts Mais Trash Brussels Underground Film Festival (29.01-03.02.2024)
︎Brussels, Belgium

• 6th Locarno Shorts Weeks (01-29.02.2024)
︎Worldwide online VOD

• 14th Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia (23.02-02.03.2024)
︎Murcia, Spain


exÓrbita. Liminal cinema, bodies and spaces (19-22.04.2023)
Tabakalera International Centre For Contemporary Culture
︎ San Sebastián, Spain


• Special Mention from the Pardi di domani Junior Jury at the 75th Locarno Film Festival

• Grand Prix of the International Competition at the 11th Kyiv International Short Film Festival

• Best International Short Film at the 13th Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival

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